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Services Offered

A comprehensive financial plan involves much more than an investment portfolio. As a holistic wealth management firm, we provide a complete set of services to help you navigate all aspects of your financial life. 

Retirement Cash Flow

One of the most difficult decisions a person makes along their financial journey is not only when to retire, but how to retire. Some common questions we hear are: “How much income will I need?” “How much income can my portfolio safely generate?” “Which accounts should I pull money from and when?”  Not only can the right answers save you money, but any missteps could derail your retirement. We’re here to provide answers and do all we can to ensure that your retirement is successful and satisfying. 

Tax Strategy & Preparation

Many investment firms pay little attention to tax strategies; we believe that’s a mistake.  Any dollars saved through tax reduction is money in your pocket and adds to your retirement success.  We pay attention to your Social Security and IRMAA limits and suggest when converting your IRA to a Roth makes sense. Tax loss harvesting is always on our radar, and we’ll advise when and how to realize capital gains. We prefer to take the lead in managing your tax decisions, including preparing your returns. However, we are happy to interface with your trusted accountant, if preferable, to make sure we are both uncovering the tax-saving opportunities available.

Investment Management

Constructing a low-fee, tax-efficient portfolio is one of the most effective ways to grow your wealth and provide safe retirement income for life. We strive to understand your risk tolerance so we can build a portfolio you are comfortable with while also generating sufficient growth to fulfill your goals. Our investment strategy is based on decades of Nobel Prize-winning research, and we stay in tune with markets and the economy to successfully navigate the ever-changing financial environment.

Social Security Optimization

Many retirees make suboptimal choices when choosing when to begin their Social Security retirement payments, often resulting in lower benefits over a person's lifetime. We provide each client with a comprehensive analysis of their options, and constantly update the data until the time to file for benefits.

Other Services

Our offerings aren’t limited to the services above. Over the years we’ve tackled dozens of other financial matters for our clients. We are happy to take a look at any financial question you have, and if we can’t solve it we’ll connect you to someone who can.

<span>We are a Fee-only Fiduciary</span>

We are a Fee-only Fiduciary

✓ We do not charge performance fees and we do not get paid commissions to sell products.

✓ Our fees start at 1.00% of assets under management and are reduced at certain breakpoints.

✓ In some cases, for portfolios over $10 million we may offer a fixed fee.

✓ We prepare tax returns for many clients, which incur additional fees.