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About Us

We Are Fiduciaries.

We Are Fiduciaries.

To put it simply, clients always come first.

As a Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”) with the SEC, we are held to one of the highest fiduciary standards in the industry. This fiduciary standard requires us to always put your best interests ahead of ours, period. Even without this standard, we would operate no other way.

We Are Independent.

We are not beholden to banks, brokers, or agents.

Our sole source of revenue comes from the fees we charge out clients, not from selling proprietary products or commission based investments.  We have the freedom to choose the best investment strategies available, ones that we believe will allow you to achieve your financial goals.

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

One of the characteristics that sets us apart is our high-touch service model. We become deeply ingrained in our clients’ financial lives and strive to understand every nuance.


This may seem like a lot, but at Slayton Lewis each client gets every team member’s full undivided attention. Our client count per employee is less than half of the industry standard, which allows us to dedicate more time to each household. Unlike most firms, we don’t segment our clients based upon the amount of money we are managing for them; each client is offered the same level of service and everyone gets our complete focus.