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We partner with high-net-worth professionals, business owners, and their families to provide customized wealth management services.

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Meet Bill Campbell<br/>MBA, CFP<br/>

Meet Bill Campbell

MBA, University of Chicago

When I started my career as a financial advisor, my company’s strategy was similar to the typical advisory shop. Cast a wide net, gather as many clients as possible, and scale the business to boost the bottom line as assets grow. I soon realized this was not how I wanted to manage the wealth of my clients who entrusted their life savings to me.

Instead, by focusing on a small set of committed clients, I could dedicate the time needed to understand every aspect of their financial lives and develop truly customized wealth management strategies. So, I set out on my own and founded Slayton Lewis.

Over the twenty-plus years the company has been in business, I’ve put together a dynamic team of highly trained professionals, each with their own specialization that creates a complimentary set of skills to serve the unique needs of each client. Together, we’ve built the firm on a foundation of trust, experience, and empathy.

Unlike most firms, clients are not segregated by advisor. Everyone is a client of Slayton Lewis. When you call our line, you won’t get sent to a directory to speak to the next available representative, you’ll connect directly with one of our team members. Whether you have a quick question or are going through a major life change, we’re here to bring you clarity and peace of mind.

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